The school provides state of the art infrastructure and amenities supported by the commitment and experience of the management. The building accommodates spacious and well ventilated classrooms,seminar halls, activity halls, a huge library with great collection of books.

The opening of our doors in 2010 marked a pivotal moment in the history of ours. We began a journey that day – a journey we are still traveling. Our ethnically and culturally diverse student body has grown to over 400 students. Our faculty and classified staff work hard every day to provide a rich, meaningful learning experience for today's students so that they too will be prepared for a bright future.

We continuously try to identify ways to improve student learning as measured on the high stakes standardized assessments mandated by the C.B.S.E, and a school-wide effort was implemented. At that time we implemented a new vision that drives our efforts: Focus on the data, Believe all students can learn, Commit to making it happen, and Achieve academic success.

Our faculty and staff have made a commitment to provide high-level academic experiences, career preparation, and character growth opportunities to all of our students.