School Uniform

Uniform for Girls 1st TO 5th

Navy blue skirt Sky blue short sleeves Checks Vest(Summer) Sky blue socks & black shoes, tie & belt Navy blue blazer for winter White Skirt and house colour T-Shirt White Canvas Shoes with white socks Navy blue trousers(winter).

Uniform for Girls 6th TO 8th

Navy blue salwar Checks Kurta Navy blue dupatta Sky blue socks, black shoes Navy blue blazer for winter White suit with house colour dupatta White canvas shoes with white socks.

Uniform for Boys 1st TO

Navy blue short pant for boys(1st to 5th) Navy blue full pant for boys(5th -) Sky blue short sleeves shirts Sky blue socks, black shoes, tie & belt White short pants for boys(1st to 4th) White full pants for boys(5th to) House T-Shirts White canvas shoes with white socks Navy blue blazer for (winter) Checks Vest for (summer) House colour uniform will be worn on Thursday.


  1. Students must come to school in proper neat and clean uniform.
  2. All the students should converse only in english in the school campus to enhance their skill and fluency in the language.
  3. Boys should have short hair cut.
  4. Girls should tie their hair neatly.
  5. Girls should tie their hair neatly.
  6. All the students should have hankerchief in their pocket.
  7. Students must not carry cutter or any sharp objects to school.
  8. Students should carry their handbook daily to school.
  9. Students are not allowed to carry valuable things like mobile watches etc. school will not be responsible for its loss.
  10. All leave application has to be written in the students handbook.
  11. Students who is availing leave for more than 5 days should inform the school.
  12. If a student is absent for more than a month without any intermition his/her name will be stuck off from the roll.
  13. Quarrels and abusive language among students are strictly prohibited and will result in immediate dismissal.
  14. Damage of school property is prohibited, a fine also be imposed.
  15. Students must reach the bus-stop in time and sit according to the stoppage.
  16. Shouting, whistling and misbehaviour with friends and teachers is prohibited.
  17. No changes will be made once the bus route is alloted to the students.
  18. Students should pay fee regularly before the 10th of every month or will be fined.
  19. On misbehaviour students will get warning if no improvement he/she will be rusticated.